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The athletic sportswear line consists of a succinctly edited collection of pieces including t-shirts, socks, sweat suits, shorts, headbands, caps, outer gear and basketball apparel for wear on and off the court. Each of these looks represent a rugged, cool and spirited take on the athletic sportswear arena. Our goal is to provide quality apparel with an inspirational and motivational purpose behind it. The “HOOP” acronym in HOOP PLANET® stands for Helping Others Opportunities Prosper.


We are truly committed to evolving into the premiere choice for men and women’s athletic sportswear. In order to accomplish this goal, we will use all of our resources to ensure that quality in both production and designs of HOOP PLANET® sportswear always exceeds customer expectations. We would ultimately like to have the HOOP PLANET® clothing line viewed as the future of athletic apparel fashion.



HOOP PLANET® was established in 2010 as a privately held Limited Liability Corporation. From the beginning, the owners, Emillio and Danette Roberts have integrated their intrinsically great sense of personal style into every aspect of the clothing line. During the past few years, HOOP PLANET® has been involved with sponsorships and support of numerous basketball camps, tournaments, charity fundraising events and basketball games. Since the brand launched in the Washington D.C. Metropolitan area, home of many athletic greats, the brand has been worn and represented well by numerous athletes over the years. HOOP PLANET® has provided apparel for numerous organizations and individuals across the country.

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